Thyme Refill for Smart Herb Garden
6.500 KD
It's easy to replace refills. Just take off the safety sticker, insert it into your Smart Herb Garden and put on the plastic dome for the germination period.

This refill is only compatible with the Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden (sold separately)
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Thyme is a perfect herb for preparing meat (especially lamb), fish, and marinades, as well as eggs, cheese, beans, mushrooms, and potatoes. It’s fair to say that without thyme Mediterranean cuisine wouldn't exist. Thyme maintains its flavor and qualities throughout the heating process, and is used to make calming and medicinal teas. Apart from drinks or dishes, try placing it in the bathroom or anywhere else to fill the room with the nicest aroma known to mankind.

This thyme, like all our plants, includes no GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones, or any other suspicious substances. Nature at its purest.
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